• History of the Practice

  • The history of our practice extends deep into Akron’s history. The practice was founded by Frank “Bud” McCormish’s grandfather, who was a dentist. Bud’s father inherited the practice from his father, and Bud ultimately took over the practice and successfully established it as the premier dental practice in Akron.

    Elsewhere, Dr. Roy Case ran a successful and respected dental practice in Akron. Eventually, Dr. Robert E. Smith purchased Dr. Case’s practice and merged with Dr. McCormish.

    Together, they ran a highly respected and successful practice until Dr. McCormish’s retirement. Now, Dr. Mark C. Rigby has come into the practice to continue its five-generations-long commitment to excellence and outstanding dentistry.

    Dr. Case and Dr. McCormish are still patients of the practice as well.

  • From left to right in the picture is the living legacy of our practice: Dr. Mark C. Rigby, Dr. Roy Case, Dr. Robert E. Smith, and Dr. Frank McCormish.