• Why is it Important to Wear a Mouthguard While Playing Sports?

  • Playing sports can be incredibly unpredictable. You can’t control the other people on the court or field, so you can’t always plan for what happens. In a moment, you could get seriously injured, causing permanent damage to your teeth or jaw. That is why it is important to protect your or your kids’ mouths and jaws from serious injuries that could occur from athletics by using a mouthguard.

    What Do Mouthguards Protect?

    Mouthguard during sports

    Wearing a mouthguard helps prevent damage to the teeth and jaw. In many ways your teeth could be looked at as an investment. Those pearly whites give confidence when you smile and they also allow you to eat the food you love. Your teeth are also an investment because of the money that is spent maintaining, cleaning, and fixing them. And, once you get your adult teeth in, you can’t grow new ones! Shouldn’t you protect one of your biggest investments?

    This can be accomplished by simply wearing a mouthguard. As mentioned, wearing a mouthguard prevents injury to the teeth and the jaw, but it also can help prevent concussions from occurring. The padding of the mouthguard between the mandible and the maxilla can lighten the blow to the head. This is important to know because concussions are on the rise in athletics and multiple concussions can lead to consequences in the future. Beyond concussions, many other incidents can occur in athletics, such as chipped teeth, a broken jaw, or teeth losing alignment. For those of you that had braces or still do have braces, wearing a mouthguard is extremely important to protect your bite and also protect the inside of the mouth from being cut from the braces.

    Are Athletics Really That Dangerous?

    This is a question that has various answers depending on your point of view and the people that you talk to. We recommend wearing mouthguards more with contact sports such as basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey, and soccer. Chances are, you could play a sport on a regular basis without a mouthguard and be completely fine. But all it takes is one hit or fall the wrong way while not wearing a mouthguard and you could be in serious trouble. It is not unusual to see someone needing oral surgery from an accident while playing a contact sport. Thess consequences can be avoided if using the right equipment, like a mouthguard.

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