• Old-fashioned approaches are no longer necessary when it comes to restorative dentistry.  One example is a filling for patients who have cavities.  For children and adults alike, the best choice is a white composite filling.

    What is a White Composite Filling?

    This tooth-colored filling is made of ceramic and plastic compounds. One benefit is it provides a completely natural look. As the filling matches your teeth, it is nearly impossible for anyone to know you have a filling. Even if the tooth is visible when you talk or smile, it will not be noticeable. Knowing this, you can feel confident and always look your best.

    A Modern Approach to Restorative Dentistry

    Your appearance is important, but it is not the only reason to choose white composite fillings.  There are other benefits to consider.

    The materials the fillings are made of are healthy and safe, so they do not pose any risks to your health. Unlike old-fashioned amalgam fillings, white composite fillings do not contain mercury. While there have been ongoing debates about mercury, you should not want to take unnecessary chances when it comes to your health. There are no health risks involved with composite fillings.   

    Old-fashioned fillings could cause tooth sensitivity. You will avoid this problem with white composite fillings. Hot or cold beverages and foods and cold weather will not cause tooth pain after having a cavity filled.  

    How to Care for Composites

    When you have white composite fillings, they require no more care than your teeth.  Brush and floss twice each day, and have your teeth cleaned every six months.  Oral care is important to avoid decay around or underneath the filling.

    Avoid foods that are excessively hard.  Although the filling is strong, the material can break.  The structure of the natural may also break if you chew hard foods.

    You should also avoid products that are harmful to your teeth.  Foods and beverages that stain or break down tooth enamel: sticky food and tobacco products for example.  For your composite fillings to be long-lasting, your natural teeth need to stay healthy.  

    Treats Cavities and Replace Old Fillings

    A composite is an ideal approach if you have a cavity, but it is also an option if you have old-fashioned amalgam fillings. Rather than deal with the health risks and other difficulties, you can simply have your old filling replaced. Your dentist can remove the amalgam filling and replace it with a modern composite filling.

    Cavities are not only painful and unattractive, they will worsen if they are not treated. An untreated cavity can destroy your tooth, and you may develop an infection that can spread. It is much more sensible to see your dentist immediately when you suspect a cavity. It is also important to have semi-annual dental hygiene appointments, so your dentist and hygienist can detect cavities and other issues before they worsen.

    White composite fillings make it easy to treat cavities. You will appreciate the many benefits, especially if you have had old-fashioned fillings in the past. Without any of the complications associated with amalgam fillings, you can have healthier teeth and a beautiful smile.

    Contact our office to schedule an appointment and find out if white composite fillings are the right option for you.