• Four Tips About Oral Care for Kids

  • It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month, and we would like to emphasize that having a healthy mouth begins during childhood. As a parent, it’s essential to instill proper dental routines and oral care for kids. Besides teaching them the basics, you should reinforce the importance of taking care of their mouths. Here are some tips that will promote a long life of healthy teeth:

    Proper Brushing Techniques

    It can be rough to make your child want to brush his or her teeth at a young age. Many experts believe that music can be a great motivator. Some parents play or sing a favorite song during tooth brushing time. This will entertain and distract your child. We advise your brush for approximately two minutes, so if you can find a song that’s the perfect length–use this and tell your child they can stop when the song is over.

    Besides the length of brushing, your child should learn proper brushing techniques. He or she should use gentle circles or go in an up and down motion. This will keep gums protected. Also, be sure to remind them to brush their tongues as well to avoid bacteria build-up there.

    Another way to make brushing fun is to have your child use a toothbrush with a fun design. A toothbrush with a bright color or character design is popular selections. Today, stores are filled with products geared toward children. For example, you may be able to find one that lights up. An electric toothbrush is a smart and functional choice as well.

    Brushing your teeth alongside them also motivates children to brush and be like you.

    Teach Them How to Floss 

    Flossing is a crucial part of an oral care routine and children should learn how. Flavored floss is usually a popular choice for kids. It is smart to show children how to properly hold the floss and to use a delicate motion in between teeth.

    Promote a Healthy Diet 

    Every child should learn that eating a well-balanced diet promotes great oral and overall health. This means they should eat nutritious foods and avoid large amounts of sugary snacks and beverages. Also, it is important to eat items that contain calcium, especially during the growing years for strong teeth and bones.

    Schedule Regular Hygiene Visits

    You should introduce your child to the dentist a soon as he or she develops teeth. At a young age, a visit may simply include counting teeth. However, a child will become familiar with the surroundings and tools that are used in the office. When your child becomes comfortable at the office at a young age, it will make future appointments much easier.

    It is important to establish a solid oral hygiene routine for your children. If they enjoy taking care of their teeth, they are likely to continue it into adulthood. For more tips that help you promote great oral care with your children, or schedule an appointment, please contact our office. We are dedicated to providing services that keep your entire family’s teeth as healthy as possible.