• If you have lost all or most of your teeth, it is time to consider dentures. You will benefit in many ways for this type of tooth replacement.

    A Healthier Diet

    When you are missing teeth, it limits the foods you can eat. You may be avoiding foods that you need for a nutritious, balanced diet because they are too hard for you to chew.  Your body may be lacking vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy.

    You may also be trying to eat these foods without teeth. This approach is not a solution either. From vegetables to meats, you cannot chew tough or crunchy foods properly.  This, in turn, affects your ability to digest food and could damage your gums.

    When you have dentures, you can eat a balanced diet every day.  Your physical health and general well-being can improve from a more nutritious diet.

    Speech Improvement

    When you do not have teeth, it is impossible to speak clearly, and others may not be able to understand you when you talk.

    Dentures can correct this issue. When you wear dentures, it is easy to speak clearly and effectively. This will make communicating with others and living your everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

    Better Oral Health 

    Perhaps you are trying to avoid dentures by keeping a few teeth natural in your mouth.  Only having a few teeth can make home dental care difficult, and the remaining teeth may not be healthy.

    You will not have these problems with dentures. They are cleaner, easier to care for, and can be a healthy alternative to decaying teeth that should be removed.

    Improved Appearance

    Dentures are not all about vanity, but your appearance will definitely improve if you choose to be fitted for dentures. Regardless of age, most of us want to look our best.  When you are missing teeth, your face and entire appearance look different. It may cause a person to look older or have a sunken-in appearance.

    With dentures, you will look healthier and younger. This change in your appearance will help you feel more confident.  You will have more self-esteem and pride in your appearance.

    Today’s Dentures Are Better 

    If you have been avoiding dentures because of the stereotypes, this is no longer a concern. First, the dentures you can obtain from your dentist look natural and not like old-fashioned false teeth. No one will know they are not your own teeth.

    Second, modern dentures provide a correct fit. Unlike outdated dentures, they will not slip when you eat or talk. The dentures you receive will be secure and comfortable because they are custom-made for you.

    Lots of Benefits!

    Think of how great it will be to enjoy all the foods you have not eaten since you lost your teeth. With a nutritious diet, you can lead a healthier lifestyle. It will be much simpler to keep your new dentures clean, and you will no longer need to worry about your oral health.

    Your life will improve with dentures, too. When you feel good about your appearance and speech, you feel good about yourself.  You can enjoy social settings with confidence, and never again feel embarrassed over missing teeth.

    All these benefits can start with a dental appointment. When you contact us to schedule a consultation, Dr. Rigby will help you decide if you are a good candidate for dentures. It can be the beginning of a happier, healthier life.