• Resolve For Your Family to Have Healthy Smiles in 2018

  • We are all thinking of the new year, and what we hope to accomplish. We believe one of the most important resolutions is improving your family’s oral health and giving them healthy smiles. When you start the year with some changes in this department, everyone in your family can have healthy smiles in 2018.

    Change Your Brushing and Flossing Habits

    When you want healthy smiles, there can never be a time when you are too busy or too tired to care for your teeth and gums. You may need to set your alarm a little earlier in the morning or stop activities earlier at night, but it is important to brush and floss at least twice per day.

    Take two minutes or more to brush your teeth. Brush the roof of your mouth, your tongue, and your gums as well. Carefully floss between your teeth and along the gum line. Finish your home care routine with a mouthwash that contains fluoride.  Whether you are preparing for work, school, or bedtime, you will have clean teeth and fresh breath.

    Dental Appointments Every Six Months

    Unless someone in your family has a dental issue that requires more frequent visits, your entire family should see the dentist twice each year. Regular teeth cleaning at home does not replace cleanings at your dentist’s office. A semi-annual exam will include a thorough cleaning to remove every trace of plaque and tartar. Your mouth will be free from bacteria and plaque.

    More serious dental issues can be detected during routine visits as well. If your dentist does find that a problem exists, he or she can begin your treatment. A routine visit is also the ideal time to ask questions. You may have questions about home oral care, products, or cosmetic dentistry.

    Choose Tooth-Healthy Foods

    Many foods are harmful to your teeth. The start of a new year is a good time to eliminate these products from your diet. In addition to sugary foods, acidic products and starchy carbohydrates can damage your teeth. If you cannot give up these products entirely, exercise moderation, and brush your teeth as soon as possible after consuming them.

    Some food products contribute to better oral health. One category includes dairy products.  Cheese or yogurt can be a great snack at any time. These can easily be tucked into yours or your child’s lunchbox. If you are unable to have dairy, try calcium-rich dairy alternatives or supplements.

    You can treat everyone in your family to tooth healthy snacks. Some examples are fresh apples, raw carrots, and raw celery. While these foods contain healthy vitamins, the crunchiness will also keep your teeth healthy.

    Almonds are another tooth-friendly treat. They contain protein and calcium. Almonds are delicious when eaten plain, or you can add some of these tasty nuts to salads or other recipes.

    The new year is a time for resolutions, joy, and excitement. When you make sure to include oral health in your plans for 2018, everybody in your family will benefit with beautiful, healthy smiles. Contact our office today to schedule your dental check-ups.