• Dental veneers can drastically improve your smile, and this is not the only benefit of veneers.

    Cosmetic Dentistry for a Natural Look

    Veneers conceal imperfections in your teeth, but they look completely natural.  No one will know you have a veneer bonded to your tooth because it is expertly matched to the color of your existing tooth. 

    Veneers Are Easy to Care For

    Veneers are much more resistant to staining than your natural teeth.  While you should limit your consumption of acidic beverages, tea, coffee, and red wine, your new veneer may never become stained.

    As dental veneers do not decay, they may also lead to better oral health. Instead of cavities and extra dental work, your veneers will remain unscathed.

    With reasonable care, a veneer should never need to be replaced, and you can have a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

    Dental Veneers Do Not Require Special Care

    You can have these benefits with very little effort.  Caring for veneers does not differ from general oral care routines. When you want the best, long-lasting results, floss and brush your teeth twice each day.

    You can have quality care at the dentist’s office, too. To upkeep oral health, everyone needs exams and professional cleanings every six months. The same applies to patients with veneers. In order for the veneer to last, the tooth underneath the veneer must stay healthy.

    Options for Dental Veneers

    When you decide you want veneers, you can choose between composite resin and porcelain.  Each material has its own advantages, so it is best to talk about the options with your dentist. Whether you are looking for strength, easy repair, or another feature, cosmetic dentistry is a great option for damaged tooth repair.

    Most people don’t have perfect teeth, but you don’t have to live with teeth that don’t meet your expectations.  If veneers sound like a great option for you, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.