• Everyone wants a great smile, and now it’s easier than ever before to achieve that.  The smile of your dreams starts with a smile makeover.

    What Is a Smile Makeover?

    At our Fairlawn Dental Office, there are a number of procedures you can choose for your smile makeover.  If you are happy with the placement and overall condition of your teeth, consider teeth whitening or dental veneers. These processes are relatively simple, and you will have beautiful results.

    If you have missing teeth, this can be corrected with dental implants. Whether you have lost one or more teeth, implants can easily improve your appearance. When you have implants instead of gaps in your mouth, this can improve your oral health and overall health. You will be able to enjoy a wider range of nutritious foods, and it will be easier to brush and floss your teeth.

    If you have crooked teeth, braces can be part of your smile makeover. If you are unhappy with the arrangement of your teeth, a straighter alignment could boost your confidence.  There are numerous options for dental braces. Teens and adults who do not want to wear metal braces often prefer Invisalign. These are a clear plastic way to straighten your teeth over time.

    Quality Care Starts with Your Dentist

    When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, some patients know exactly what they want, while others want advice from their dentists. Either way, contact our office to discuss the options.

    Every patient has his or her individual needs and preferences, but there is something our dental patients have in common: Patients leave our office delighted with the results. Our patients are often happier and more confident when they have a great smile—it’s your turn to experience a smile makeover! Contact us today.