• Family DentistryYou brush and floss your teeth at home, so you may wonder why dental cleanings are necessary.  There are reasons an annual cleaning is important for family members of all ages.

    General Dentistry at Your Dentist’s Office

    Home oral care products are used on a daily basis, but they cannot substitute for the professional instruments at your dentist’s office.  Regardless of how careful you are in your daily routines, harmful substances cannot all be removed by your toothbrush and dental floss.

    Sticky plaque can harbor bacteria, and it can cause gum disease and tooth decay.  While plaque can damage your teeth, it can also harden and become tartar.  Only professional dental instruments can remove this hardened substance. While home care does not remove every trace of residue from between your teeth, it is also ineffective below your gum line.  Residue that can damage your teeth can be harmful to your gums too.

    Cleanings for All Ages

    Gum disease and tooth decay can be prevented.  If everyone in your family makes brushing and flossing a priority, you are one step closer to total oral health.  However, you should not dismiss the importance of dental cleanings. Your youngest child can learn the value of regular dental cleanings.  It can be a learning experience, and will even be fun when his teeth are cleaned at the dentist’s office.  The elderly person in your family, your teens, and the adults will all benefit from an annual cleaning.

    If you do not have a family dentist or have not had a recent visit, make an appointment with Dr. Rigby.  Consider making appointments for every member of your family.  Everyone will enjoy a clean, fresh mouth after a dental cleaning.  It is an important step to ensure oral health for every person in your family.